When you walk into the reception room of South Valley Animal Clinic you will be greeted by friendly faces here to help you with your pet’s healthcare needs and questions.

Exam Rooms

After being checked in, you will be shown into one of our examination rooms. Each exam room is stocked with reading materials and displays to help educate client’s on their pet’s health.


State of the art laboratory equipment is available to perform acurate blood analysis and chemistry panels as needed for our emergency cases. Outside laboratory services are utilized for routine bloodwork and other laboratory testing to help reduce costs to our clients and patients.

Surgery Suite

The surgery suite is isolated from heavy traffic areas to help keep the room sterile and clean. Surgeries can range from a routine spay to a lumpectomy.

Treatment Room

This large treatment room facilitates South Valley Animal Clinic in treating multiple pets in one day. The treatment room is furnished with equipment necessary to complete medical baths and dips, radiographs, dental cleanings, and many other procedures.

Our large treatment room kennels have unique temperature controlled floors that can be used to keep pets warm and comfortable durring their stay with us.

Prescription Foods

South Valley Animal Clinic carries a large variety of specially formulated prescription foods to help in the treatment of different medical conditions. Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets is the brand of food we carry in clinic. All diets are 100% garaunteed by the manufacterer!