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Meet Our South Valley Animal Clinic

Our canine and cat veterinarians are proud to provide companion animal veterinary care to Albuquerque and Los Lunas animals.

Dr. William C. Heite

Affectionately known as "Dr.Bill" at our animal clinic. Dr. Bill has over 50 years of veterinary care experience. Born and raised in Texas, Dr. Bill received his DVM degree from Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine in 1968. After serving as a Captain in the U.S. Army stationed in Wichita, Kansas, Dr. Bill joined a mixed animal practice in Deming, New Mexico. In 1980, Dr. Bill opened Gila Animal Clinic in Silver City, New Mexico, where he practiced until 2006.

In May 2009, Dr. Bill and Dr. Dee purchased Cole Elliot Veterinary Hospital, which is now South Valley Animal Clinic. Dr. Bill brings over five decades of animal care experience, with a special focus on small animal surgery and medicine for the last 20 years. Dr. Bill is passionate about companion animal care. As a skilled feline and canine veterinarian, Dr. Bill works hard to provide quality medical care for all his patients.

When not keeping the animals of Los Lunas and Albuquerque healthy, Dr. Bill can be found trail ridging on his Appaloosa mule, “Clyde”. Dr. Bill and Dr. Dee live on a small farm in Los Lunas.

Dr. Donna M. Trent-Heite

“Dr. Dee”, as she is known to our pet parents, enjoys providingsmall animalveterinarycare. Originally from Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Dr. Dee received her A.S from Harcum Jr. College, her B.S. in Animal Science from Delaware Valley College, and her V.M.D from University of Pennsylvania, School of Veterinary Medicine. After partnering with Dr. Bill at Gila Animal Clinic in Silver City, Dr. Bill and Dr. Dee purchased what is now South Valley Animal Clinic. Dr. Dee is passionate about educating pet owners about preventive medicine and companion animal wellness care. She’s committed to keeping pets healthy, happy and active throughout their lives.

Dr. Dee loves trail riding and resistance free training with her mules. Dr. Dee adopted mustang horses from the Bureau of Land Management after they started saddle training at a prison facility in Canon City, Colorado. Dr. Dee’s constant companions are her beloved Dachshunds, Yuengling and Peter who accompany her to work each day. Dr. Dee is also busy taking care of her adopted goats and chickens, which live on the Los Lunas farm with her and Dr. Bill.

Our South Valley Veterinary Team


Karla MartinezA passionate animal lover, Karla has worked in animal health care for over a decade. Karla met Dr. Heite while working in El Paso and decided to relocate to Los Lunas to join our team.

On the weekends, Karla can be found hiking with her husband, Ióscani. Together, they train their two working Belgian Malis, Onyx and Dakota. Onyx, a 14-year old retired French Ring III dog athlete, is still healthy, energetic, and will out-hike most people! Two-year old Dakota recently obtained his BH title with flying colors and is preparing for his Schutzhund I title.

Karla also cares for an eccentric feline named Taco Cat. He’s the only feline we know who would lock himself in the fridge in order to eat all day!


Itzel's is a crucial part of theSouth Valley Animal Clinic team. Her experience comes from supervising a non profit no kill animal shelter in California. There she took care of more then 200 animals looking for loving homes and where a forever home was offered to those animals who couldn't find one.

Originally from California, Itzel has been living here in Albuquerque for 7years. She loves the mountain views and the hot weather.

In her free time Itzel likes to draw and paint. Her favorite mediato work with are acrylic, pastels and watercolor. She paints anything from comic characters to pet portraits.

Itzel is a devoted animal lover with more pets at home then she has fingers. Some days she misses her family and the ocean. But is glad she has a job she loves and a chance to help out people and their pets.


Angel is a veterinary assistant at South Valley Animal Clinic. We are very lucky to have Angel join our team. He is a native New Mexican and an avid animal lover. He's volunteered with smaller animals and has worked on a farm with some of the funniest cows you'd ever seen. Recently graduated he is getting ready to go back for a second degree in Biology and enjoys studying and learning about wildlife more than anything. His goal is to become the next Steve Irwin and conservationist. Common hobbies, he likes to draw, plays basketball with his friends and plays the guitar. On his days off he spends most of his time with his border collie mix named "Shadow", taking him hiking, fishing, camping, backpacking, and basically everywhere they allow dogs. He also has a brand new pet snake named "Grimlock". Angel is very enthusiastic about working with and caring for your pets!


A dedicated individual, Isaac Kelly has had the pleasure of helping pets since 2013. After graduating from Pima Medical Institute, he devoted his time at the Animal Welfare Department with a large variety of pets in need. He started at South Valley Animal Clinic in 2015 to help expand his knowledge in veterinary medicine. Isaac is very proficient and is excited to help out any pet that walks in the door.

Isaac is also a very talented musician, he can play just about any instrument you toss his way. He balances his daily responsibilities helping animals and his hobby of managing/participating with several bands in the Albuquerque area.



Cat has a very important role here at South Valley Animal Clinic. She helps out in reception area and where ever she can. Originally she grew up in Colorado and now enjoys living here in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She started her career in the veterinary field back in 2012 and has no regrets! On her days off she enjoys making jewelry and going to the gym. Most important is her time spent attending puppy classes with her new dog named Echo Red. Come by our office any time and Cat will be happy to help you and your pet.

Alexis .

Alexis is a veterinary assistant here at South Valley Animal Clinic. She is a huge animal lover who has been dreaming of working with animals since being alittle girl.

Her background consists of volunteering work atshelters. Alexis also spent some time as a groomer, dog walker, and pet sitting for her family and friends. Her schooling is focused on Animal Science and Psychology.

Alexis is happy to report she is now a dog motherto 5 animals and a human motherto 1 child. On her free time she loves to go camping, hiking, offroading, fishing, mounting biking, back packing, traveling, boating, running, and that's why she can never be found at home. Her shadows are specifically her 4 year old son,Adam and her 4 month old Border Collie, Rio. She is also a hobby artist and photographer. She loves to paint landscapes and photograph the wilderness.

Alexis is very excited to finally start a career in the animal health field, so please come by anytime and say hello!


Kimberly is the newest team member to join our team at South Valley Animal Clinic. She was originally hired as a kennel assistant and quickly promoted to Receptionist area. Kimberly is from Pueblo, CO and moved to Albuquerque, NM in 2013. She is extremely passionate about working with animals and expanding her knowledge. She definitely puts her heart and soul into everything she does. Her experience comes from working as a supervisor at a daycare and boarding facility for cats and dogs. There she cared for 15-20 cats and 40-80 dogs each day! She truly loves to earn the trust of every pet she meets and getting to know their different personalities. In her spare time she enjoys reading, coloring, watching movies, fishing, camping, bike riding, long walks and just starring at the stars. Most of all she loves spending time with her amazing boyfriend, named Bobby and their 4 small dogs. Affectionatley called, Lucianna (Lucy), Taz (Tazzy), Gizmo (Baby Momo) and Isabella (Bella). In her extra spare time, Kimberly is looking after a ton of feral cats in her home area! Kimberly is extremely proud and grateful to work with amazing people who love and care for animals just as much as she does.


Hello my name is Shelbylyn and I am the newest Veterinary Assistant. I was born and raised here in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I have been around, as well as cared for, animals my entire life. Ever since I was a little girl I always dreamed of a position assisting animals in need. I have a passion for learning new things and care for animals everyday. I am a Corgi mom to my best friend and companion, named Copper. At home I help my family take care of four fur babies. I have raised a wide range of farm animals, from puppies to chickens to piglets and ducks. I love to go on walks and spend quality time with all of my pets. I love to do photography with nature, people and landscapes. I am focusing my career towards veterinary technology and helping animals in any way that I can.

Call us at 505-873-2590 to make an appointment to have your pet come in and meet our team.

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